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A $300M Industry: Teeth Whitening For Your Skin Clinic

If you could make your practice more profitable with the addition of just one service, what would it be?

Why not add teeth whitening? According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.9% of adults believe that a good smile is a prerequisite to a good social life. 96% of adults believe that a great smile is essential for making a good impression on the opposite sex. 74% believe that a less than perfect smile will hurt you career.

Over the last 5 years, dentists report that the number of their patients seeking bleaching treatments has actually tripled. No surprise that professional teeth bleaching has grown to become a $300 million industry!

Professional teeth bleaching-using professional strength bleaching agents in combination with custom-fit whitening trays-is one of the easiest, most profitable and safest procedures you could offer your patients.

The American Dental Association agrees:

“Dentist-prescribed, home-applied bleaching from a reputable manufacturer for short-term treatment duration is safe and recognized as most effective in lightening the color of teeth.” Many laser therapies have appeared over the past few years. Periodic use of professional strength whitening gel continues to reign as the most effective treatment of all. But, in a practice that offers laser whitening treatments, the dramatic results patients experience is very short lived. Laser treatments may appear to produce a dramatic improvement, but once the teeth become re-hydrated, much of the improvement disappears.

And to make matters worse, the more porous surface of the teeth will require more maintenance than before to sustain any portion of the immediate whitening gain.

If you offer laser whitening treatments, it is imperative that you couple them with a high quality home bleaching treatment in order for your clients to remain satisfied with that service.

The even better news: for optimal results, lowest cost and highest profitability, by simply offering an economical option for a high-quality professional-fit home whitening kit will require no equipment, little to no training, and could make your practice more profitable by the end the of day!

The average cost of a professional home bleaching kit from a dentist is $350. However, Smile Simple offers an easy outsourced lab solution for creating the same level of custom-fit kit-combined with full 22% carbamide peroxide whitening gel (over the counter whitening strips provide a solution of just 2-4%) for just a third of the retail cost. All this good news for your patients coupled with additional profit for you!

If you offered teeth bleaching kits to your existing clients, you could be adding several thousand dollars a month of additional profit to your existing practice with no new equipment, no training, no additional staffing requirements, just by carrying and offering the simple-to-use Smile Simple kits.

More good news: Each 5ML syringe of 22% carbamide peroxide replacement gel is $20 retail, providing an instant profit margin of more than 60%.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new Smile Simple kits from MedicalSpaMD to claim your part of this booming $300M industry in 2010.

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