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8 Ways to Rock a T-Shirt

We all know the most commonly worn, and often understated, article of clothing: the t-shirt. We all have a few in our closest and I would be shocked if you said you didn?t. I have compiled some ideas and tips to help you wear those t-shirts in new ways.

Is that a blouse? Nope it?s a t-shirt: Disguise your t-shirt as a blouse. Tuck your shirt into your pants, skirt, or shorts to give it that lively blousy feel. Next layer it with some necklaces, a vest, or maybe even a blazer. Just make sure that if the sleeve show you fold or roll them up, we don?t want any loose en ds you could say.

Tone down a dressy outfit: Are you dying to find a way to wear your amazing metallic suit jacket or fabulous leather leggings without looking overboard on the fancy? Fear not, your problem is easily solved by throwing on a longer loose fitted tee or tank in a neutral color.

It?s about the artsy tee: You may remember the ironic t-shirts that used to be everywhere; well they are harder to come by these days. The reason why? The ironic t-shirt has been replaced by the artsy tee. The artsy t-shirt is the more sophisticated take on the long standing graphic tee. Artsy tees can be worn with just jeans, but look a little classier than an ironic t-shirt.

If you?re going to get wordy, keep it simple: It is understandable that some of those slogan t-shirts are just too hard to pass up. That is why when it comes to typography t-shirts make sure it is short and sweet, oh, and big printed.

Let a solid t-shirt highlight glam make-up: Want to wear bright read lipstick or just rock the really dramatic eyes? Well make them pop by wearing a solid t-shirt in a neutral color. This way your shirt won?t distract from you glamorous look. This trick can also be used to highlight colorful pants or jewelry, try it out.

Show your support: It is a strong style statement when someone is brave enough to wear a shirt representing what they believe in. Whether it is cancer awareness, change, or even MS; show your confidence and support by wearing a t-shirt representing what you believe in.

Follow the boys lead: It is ok to take a fashion cue from the boys now and again. Now would be one of those ok times. Take a boys band tee (or just a cool shirt) and team it up with a boys blazer. Now you have a totally fabulous rock look! Don?t forget to add some heels or boots, and a clutch so that it still has a feminine feel.

Have some fun with it: There is a reason the t-shirt has been an essential part of weekend attire. The reason being it is easy, comfortable, colorful, and affordable (most of the time). So go have fun with your t-shirts, experiment with different looks and styles, just be yourself!

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