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Nutritional Considerations For Women That Want To Tone Arms

So many women ignore the common knowledge of eating smaller meals consistently during the day and not starving oneself when learning how to lose arm fat. Why do they do this? Because deep down inside women want to believe that starvation and extreme dieting will produce faster results.

And the sad truth is that crash dieting shuts down your metabolism (think muscle loss and fat gain) for a very long time. So try to cruise along with your diet instead of crashing with it. Here are 6 eat-right tips that will help you cruise along the way to sexy arm stardom:

1. Don’t try to burn a crazy amount of calories. You are not the energizer bunny, so please don’t spend hours and hours in the gym every day. All your arms need to stop jiggling is a short but hard workout (45min. or less), 2-3 times a week.

2. Don’t keep a journal of every piece of food you eat. You are not a machine, so please don’t act like one. Do this, and you’ll end up feeling like a slave. Eventually, you’ll reach a tipping point and throw in the flabby arms towel.

3. Pay attention to each meal. Instead of micromanaging everything, simply make sure that each one of your meals is balanced. In other words, include a protein, fat, vegetable, and carbohydrate food item in each meal. This is all you have to do.

4. Forget about counting calories. Even worse than the food log, because now instead of pulling out your hair, you’ll want to jump off a cliff. The whole calorie counting mumbo jumbo is based on an outdated closed thermodynamic model. In other words, the flawed idea that a 3500 caloric deficit produces 1 lb. of fat loss.

5. Keep eating your pleasure foods. The trick here is to reduce the serving size of the pleasure food and to accompany it with a source of vegetables. The reduced serving size minimizes caloric impact and the vegetable source will slow down digestion (think “glycemic load”).

6. One alcoholic drink per day. Perhaps it’s the stress of modern day living, but way too many of my female clients are loading up on booze more often than not. If you drink more than one serving of alcohol per day, your body will greatly reduce its production of arm-fat-melting hormones.

I hope you aren’t feeling intimidated by the process of learning how to lose arm fat. Changing your eating patterns is not that hard as long as you are patient and take a healthy approach. And now you have 6 key things that will make the change that much easier!

One more thing: expect to make mistakes. No one can diet perfectly for extended periods of time. The key here is to get right back on target as quickly as humanly possible.

Author Katherine Crawford, an exercise physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, instructs on the best flabby upper arm exercises. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her website about how to shake fat and weight off faster than ever now!

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