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5 Key Strategies For Managing Bingo Wings With Insulin

You cannot reduce your bingo wings unless you lower your insulin. This hormone is really that powerful. After all, it controls how much fat your body can burn.

No matter how much you exercise, if your levels of insulin are high, you will NOT be able to lose arm fat. There is no way around this simple truth.

So here are some strategies for lowering your insulin to get rid of bingo wings:

1. Stick with legumes and beans. Many health experts recommend whole grains as a healthy source of carbohydrates. The problem here is that whole grains digest very quickly, even the ones with lots of fiber. And fast digestion equals more insulin.

2. Employ all the macronutrients. Leaving out any macronutrient is a sure fire recipe for failure. You need all the macronutrients for the slowest digestion and the fastest elimination of bingo wings. And do not forget to have vegetables with EVERY meal as they mechanistically slow down digestion.

3. Beat the sugar addiction. Depending on how addicted you are, you may need to use some powerful loose leaf teas to aid the cause. You see, research has consistently shown that high intakes of sugar can alter brain levels of dopamine. Be prepared for this effect and deal with it accordingly.

4. Stay away from the spirits. By spirits I mean alcohol. You see, alcohol is one tricky drink. A little of it is great for you, but a lot is absolutely horrible. Specifically, it increases abdominal fat which has a direct impact on insulin.

5. Do not let emotions dictate your eating patterns. This is a tough one because now we enter the realm of psychology. I suggest dealing with the negative areas on your own. If you cannot manage, please seek professional help. You deserve it now not later.

If you can master insulin, you will master the process of reducing bingo wings. No woman should have to endure the hindrance of having too much arm fat. You deserve sexy and lean arms today, so do not put off taking action until tomorrow.

Author Katherine Crawford, an exercise expert and former arm fat sufferer, instructs women on how to tone flabby arms quickly. Figure out how to get sexy arms by visiting her website about the shake weight reviews now!