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4 Questions (And Answers) On How To Get Slim Arms

The sheer number of emails I receive on how to get slim arms is insane. I firmly believe that women are more confused than ever when it comes to getting the lean and sexy arms of their dreams.

And bogus marketing claims are probably to blame here. After all, it seems that the influx of phony gadgets and sleeveless snake oil is relentless.

Thus, this FAQ should help clear up at least some portion of the slim arm confusion.

So without further ado here are 4 questions and answers on how to get slim arms:

1. How long should I wait before expecting to see results? This is a tough question to answer because it all depends on the cause of your flabby arms. If water is too blame, you could see results overnight. If lots of arm fat is too blame, you could see results in months.

2. Should my workouts last 2 hours? The shorter the better. You see, when you exercise for a short period of time with lots of intensity, your body secretes a huge amount of arm fat burning hormones. So keep it short and hard. This is the best way to get slim arms.

3. Everyone seems to be doing dips, are they the best exercise? Dips are simply not worth it. They put your shoulder in such an unstable position that I tell all my clients to stay away from them like the plague. Getting slim arms should not entail the risk of injury.

4. Will doing 100 repetitions get me the fastest results? No. But you will feel a searing pain in your muscles! Instead, strive to do a wide variety of repetitions. You’ll get faster results with this approach because you’ll completely work your arm muscles.

There is an excess of advice on how to get slim arms. And a lot of this advice comes from unreliable sources. So make sure you find a good source and start implementing immediately. The most successful women have the fastest speeds of implementation.

Obtain free advice on the best exercises for flabby arms immediately by going to Katherine Crawford’s M.S. website Sleeveless in 7. And figure out how to get toned and thin arms ASAP by visiting her blog about how to get rid of arm flab immediately!