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3 Secrets About Candy Making!

Candies are basically prepared by dissolving an amount sugar in water or milk so as to form syrup after which you will start boiling to achieve a caramelized mixture. The end product would depend to the end result of the whole process undergone by the solvent. It can be any of the following: candy, caramel, toffee, fudge, praline, tablet or taffy.

Candy making is considered as an art just by looking at its end product. It takes a person’s natural imagination and creativity to come up with such totally enticing and cute colors, shapes and designs of candies. Just like every art, there are three important things to remember in making candies. Let me give you a run down here:

1. The richer the milk the better will be the candy.

Milk is the secret in obtaining a particular flavor and consistency of candies. Always remember to choose rich milk so as to achieve a good if not best tasting candy. But skim milk is actually accepted though it depends on how much of it will you use to achieve that richness needed. If you have enough expenses, you can use cream as it usually brings about the most delicious type of candy.

2. Use cocoa or chocolate for coating.

Though chocolate is considerably preferred because it has richer and deeper flavor than cocoa, you can actually use any of the two for coating. Some would also use crystallized fruits or flowers. All of which are both good for coating and flavor.

3. Utilize colorings to attract and inform.

Candy colorings are not just used for the sake of art. It is actually a strategic marketing move. A particular candy color often symbolizes the candy’s flavor and most importantly it entices clients to buy them right away.

There you go those are just some of the many things you need to remember and apply while making candy. For sure you will have a delicious candy. Always keep this as a mantra in making candies: “Make delicious and mouth-watering candies for all generations to like!” I guess that mantra is every candy makers’ principle towards candy making.

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