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3 Little Tips For Getting Rid of Pimples

There are very few people out there who can brag that they have never had acne or pimple problems. This common skin problem is affecting millions of people worldwide, and it seems that most people are struggling to get a final cure. I also have had occasional acne out breaks, but I am the type of person who love to try something different to tackle one problem. In this article below I am going to share with you some little tips I have discovered which will give you great help in reducing acne symptoms.

Mind you, though, these methods along will not totally relieve you from acne problem. However, if combined with an effective treatment plan, they will work great and provide faster results for you.

Tip 1. Keep Clean Hands

One thing people do repeatedly every day but do not consciously realize they are doing it is to touch their faces with hands. You may scratch, rub your jaw line or chin, or rest your head in your hands, and you may even do these multiple times a day. This speaks of how important it is to keep your hands clean. Any oil or dirt on your hand can easily go into the pores of your skins, which will then cause outbreaks of pimples and acne.

Tip 2. Use A Clay Mask Every Day

The dirt and excessive oil in your skin is often the primary reason for you to get pimples. Clay masks can help you combat these problems with its oil-removing and exfoliating effects. They can also trap bacteria and dead skin cells and thereby return you with a truly clean skin.

Tip 3. The Use Of Toothpaste

By applying a small size of toothpaste to your affected area, you may find that the inflammation will get almost instant relief. This technique works wonders for some people, but it is not for delicate skin or more severe acne conditions. Remember to remove the toothpaste with lukewarm water in about 15-20 minutes and not to scrub too hard.

As said, these small tips do work and provide relief for pimple sufferers, and sometimes the result is quite quick and highly visible. However, as you may probably have realized, in essence, all of these techniques are just putting a patch over an underlying cause. The real answer to getting rid of pimples is of course to fight them at the root.

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