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10 Tips To Color Your Own Hair Easily – Hairdressing

As a hairstylist if you really what that great looking hairstyle to stand out then suggest your client go with color. Many clients will just accept their natural hair coloring assuming that it is the best for them. They tend to forget that perhaps it has lost its luster or bleached out unevenly in most cases by the elements. Explain to your client how it will enhance their haircut and give more life and vitality to the hair. This is also a great way of building repeat business. That?s provided to you have given quality service to the client. The client with the perfect hair coloring performed by you can be the best advertising you will have.

Once your client has decided to take your advice and go for the hair coloring then there are several phases you must go through to ensure you are give high quality service, bearing in mind that repeat business.

Phase One. Get to know your clients past when it comes to their hair. What style have they opted for the most often? Are they pro long or short hair? What is their hair care regime like? Are they active in outdoor activities that could have a direct effect on the hair such as swimming for example? Chlorine in swimming pools can play havoc on the hair. All of the answers you get from these questions are going to help you determine not only what color to suggest but also which professional product to use for the coloring.

Phase Two. If the client is leaving the choice of color, up to you, which most of them will then you need to perform a color analysis. You need to be very familiar with warm and cool tones as they are evident in the skin tones. You don?t want a hair color that is going to clash with these tones; the goal is to find one that will complement the skin. Determine the face shape of the client and based on that make some suggestions as to the best cuts and styles. Keep these suggestions in line with having the style and color compliment each other. Do a color test to be sure that you have chosen the appropriate color.

Phase Three Take into account the lighting as it can alter the true color. You need to be able to judge shades as well from the lights to darks to in betweens. Study the hair in natural lighting to see if any yellow tones are present. You need to know if this is the natural coloring of the client?s hair, or has the environment affected it. It could even be left over residue from prior coloring.

Phase Four Don?t be afraid to make notes and sketches to show your client where the color will be. Know you tones such as red for example to blonde required copper gold tones. The burgundies have to be restricted to level 5 or darker referring to the natural hair.

Phase Five Always try to show your client the true colors via pictures. What you may consider as a red color the client may view it as being brown. It?s important that your line of thinking is consistent with the clients.

Phase Six Perform an ongoing consultation with your client each and every time you are going to perform a color service. Make sure you client knows what you are going to do and what to expect. This way there are no bad surprises at the completion. Make sure you keep your conversation in layman?s terms, don?t get caught up using professional terminology.

Phase Seven You must know your product well so you know what options and choices are available to you. Product knowledge is critical when it comes to hair coloring. You must know the strengths and capabilities of what you are using.

Phase Eight If you are working with a new product and are just not sure of what results you are going to get then make you own swatches using various colors from hair cuttings. You will feel much more comfortable because you will have a basic idea what to expect. Better mistakes are made at this level then with the client.

Phase Nine Memorize the major or favored colors, which will become the top five that you will most often perform. Design one for pale ash, dark blonde, brown, the darker levels and finally the reds. This will adequately cover the major hair colors.

Phase Ten: The clich? ?the customer is always right?, fits right in with this service. You must be able to identify immediately what if any concerns the client has whether she has spoken them verbally or otherwise. Do not go ahead with the service until you are positive that your client is relaxed and confident.

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