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1 on 1 or group Kickboxing classes in greenwich park all day saturdays) (greenwich)

1 on 1 and group kickboxing classes open to anyone in Greenwich park on Saturdays for all you lot that can drag yourselves out of bed after a Friday night. This is your chance to improve your health get that fit body and get confident in yourself at the same time. My Kickboxing training is ideal for beginners looking to lose weight and have fun in the process aswell as gym buffs looking for a new challenge. I do group classes for £10 a head and 1on1 classes for £20. Kickboxing is one of the best forms of exercise you can do. Aside from the obvious self defence benefits it increases your heart rate so you burn calories (up to 1000 a session) and tones your arms legs bums and Tums at a rate that your normal gym routine simply cant match. Classes are brought to you by Cagefighter and Personal trainer John Brightwell (pictured) Classes last 1 hour. Summer offer- if you book 10 sessions you get a pair of boxing gloves free. Get in touch for more info. John Brightwell I dont answer my fone when im training people but leave a text and il get back to you. Mobile- 07952215345 E-mail- johnbrightwellmfc