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Yoda Costumes – Great for the Star Wars Fans, especially the little ones!

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween means costumes, which often stem from the fantasy of movies. Movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or even the great classics like Star Wars. Star Wars costumes like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, stormtroopers, Hans Solo and Yoda Costume are all great costumes to choose from.

If you choose to go for star wars characters, they are a variety of characters you can opt into. The Yoda costume is a great example of a star wars costume for all ages right from young to old.

The sarcastic pilot Hans Solo is one the favorites in the star wars trilogy. If you want to find an easy, yet fun costume, Hans Solo would be one sure to make the girls take a look at you!

For the ladies, you can wear the sexy princesses Leia or Princesses Amidalla costume. If you have long hair you can do funky things or have your hair done. You can truly be a queen or princess for the night.

One of the favorite star wars costumes in the all wise Yoda. He is cute, yet has an aurora of wisdom. Online Halloween stores carry the robes, masks and the Jedi swords. Maybe your short so Yoda is the perfect costume. If you have a tall friend to go with, they can be chewbacca, I am sure you would be a hit!

Star Wars characters are great costumes. Choose your favorite like Yoda, darthvader, stormtrooper, chewbacca etc.

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