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Year 2012 Prophecies And Predictions: Things Your Family Should Know

There are many people who are stressing a little bit about all of the 2012 predictions. The closer we get to the year it is supposed to happen the more panicked that something catastrophic will happen. We will not know until December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends. If we celebrate the New Year in 2013 I guess we will all have egg on our face like 1999.

It is based on the Mayan calendar ending on this date. The Mayan calendar has been proven to be the most accurate. Because of this accuracy there are many who believe that this is the prediction of the last year. However, it was written so long ago and the possibility of those writers believing the world would still be here may have been unfathomable at the time.

Others see the date as the return of their savior. Some believe that Elijah will return while others believe it will be Jesus Christ. Many believe that it will be this date that their savior returns. Biblically it does not state when the end will come. It however specifically states that we will not know.

Other spiritualist’s state a world consciousness will occur on this date of the calendar end that will be global. Where religion is now a mass diversity all people will think as one and peace will evolve for the planet. Why this sounds nice in theory the rocks may not speak to everyone. The planets may align and people may still not agree on religious issues.

With these predictions come people who are preparing to survive the end of the world. They are making preparations that only they can take advantage of. They offer the membership to others in advance but will not make provisions for anyone when the occurrence is supposed to occur.

Whatever the 2012 predictions is it is a good time to remember that none of us know when the end, or our end, is going to happen. The lesson to be learned is to attempt to live each day like it is your last. You cannot live in fear but you can control how you treat others while you are still here.

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