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Wrinkle Cream Products: How To Choose The Best

These are the days when wrinkle cream products flood the market. They are available in department store, drug stores etc. It is true that there are some wrinkle creams which contain ingredients that may improve wrinkles. But the fact is that most of these creams have not undergone scientific research to prove this. Wrinkle creams would not provide vast, immediate relief. There may be slight change in the appearance of your skin depending on how long you use the product and the amount and type of the active ingredient in the cream.

The main ingredients found in anti-wrinkle creams are Hydroxy acids, Retinol, Copper peptides, Coenzyme, Kinetin and Tea extracts. Retinol is a Vitamin A compound and is the first antioxidant found in non-prescription wrinkle cream products. The function of hydroxy acids is to get rid of the upper layer of old, dead skin thereby stimulating the growth of smooth, evenly pigmented new skin. Copper peptides assist in wound healing apart from stimulating the production of collagen and increasing the action of antioxidants. Regulation of energy production in cells is done by Coenzyme Q10, whereas kinetin reduces wrinkles with effectively. Compounds with anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties are found in green, black and oolong tea.

The Food and Drug Administration does not stringently regulate creams and lotions since they have no medicinal value. There is no guarantee for their effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, as the FDA does not evaluate their efficiency the way they do with drugs.

There are certain points to be considered while judging the merits of products used for lessening wrinkles. Since they contain lower concentrations of active ingredients, the results are usually short lived. Most of the creams are costly, but that does not mean they are effective. These creams are to be used once or twice a day for getting signs of improvement. If discontinued, the skin may return to its previous appearance. Side effects are another disadvantage of such creams. Some may cause irritation, rashes, redness etc.

An anti wrinkle cream may aid in reducing the wrinkles, nut it is based on how regularly you use it, the amount of active ingredients present and the finally the extent of wrinkles.

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