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Would You Like Some Superb EMU Boots ?

Boots play a big role in enhancing looks of the owner. Today, Emu boots have grown to be popular due to their attractive looks and wonderful comfort. Since its inception in 1994 in Australia, Emu has been manufacturing boots of assorted styles, shapes and sizes. They are very fashionable and if you have a pair you will adore them.

One hundred percent Australian Merino wools is utilised as the inside lining, so Emu boots are exceedingly comfy and fit like a sock. Merino wool of Australia is known as as one of the softest, most prized materials, composed of superb insulating properties. This wool helps in keeping the user’s feet warm in the coldest weather and cool in the hottest weather. This type of wool also soaks up the moisture quickly.

You can find Emu boots all over the place. Women, men, even the children keep up with the fashion. So are you curious about trying the Emu trend ? In almost every part of the world, Emus can be worn year-round as a wardrobe staple. They keep the feet warm and they can be matched to your outfit.

In the past lots of people would regard these Emu boots as “unfashionable “or “uncool ” since the boots look big and odd. Some have even called for a boycott on wearing these boots due to their distaste for their look. Despite all of this, the Emu boots has been tremendously successful and they are here to stay.

Now lets be honest you would almost certainly prefer to buy UGGS !. But you may be reluctant on spending $150-200 on them. If you look at the reviews on EMUs and their price in comparison with UGGs then EMUs are the way to go !. Your most important worry may perhaps be whether they’ll be warm and the quality of craftmanship. After trying EMUS on you will certainly recommend them over the UGGs to anyone on a tight budget, for the price of the UGGs you could get two pairs of EMUs!!. They are a very warm, comfortable shoe, medium to wide space, your foot will wiggle around effortlessly. Half a size larger than your normal shoe size is enough. Very soft, and very warm without socks, you might not want to wear them with socks, it might be too much !. No goose walking, firm grip on your foot. At first, they may seem huge and a bit clowny but after a while you begin to adjust and they look great with anything (jeans or with a skirt). So comfy you may forget your wearing them !.

No matter what your requirements are, Emu always supplies terrific boots to suit your tastes and give you a really trendy look.

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