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Why Purchase A Pair Of Ugg Classic Cardy Boots?

The popularity of the Ugg Classic Cardy boots has not diminished any since they appear back in 2007 on Oprah Winfrey’s Christmas Wish List. The reason why this is so can simply be put down to the fact that they can be worn in a number of different ways.

Every pair of these boots no matter their colour which includes Moss, Gray, Picante, Cream or Black come with a sock liner made from genuine sheepskin. Therefore it doesn’t matter what time of year you wear these as long as you wear them without socks the moisture from your feet is wicked away naturally ensuring that they remain dry.

However what makes these particular Ugg boots stand out from the other styles available from this company is that the upper part is made from a heathered merino wool with three large wooden buttons down the side. It is the buttons that help to make the way in which Classic Cardy boots are worn so versatile.

If you keep all the buttons done up then you can wear them at their full height (14.5 inches). The other way in which they can be worn is that the top button is undone and then the upper part of the boot can be turned over to create a cuff at a top. But what a lot of women like to do is keep all the buttons done up and then push the main part of the boot down to create the slouched look.

Being able to change the way these boots look when being worn allows you the opportunity to be able to wear them with just about any outfit you have in your wardrobe. You could for example team them with a pair of skinny jeans and t-shirt wearing them up to full height or by undoing the top button and turning the upper part of the boot over to create the cuff. Plus with this autumn and winter muted colours in clothes of gray, black, cream, brown or blue wear them pushed down to create the slouched look with a long flowing skirt or dress.

These boots may look great when worn but they are very comfortable as well. If you do intend to purchase a pair as the sheepskin sock liner has some give in it to help mold it to your feet you should consider purchasing a pair in a half or full size smaller than you would wear normally. If for example your are normally a size 39 European (8 USA) instead consider purchasing a size 38.5 or 38 European (7.5 or 7 USA).

Plus if you want to ensure that your Ugg Classic Cardy boots fit well and offer maximum amounts of warmth and cushioning when worn it is best to wear them without socks on. Even in cold temperatures you will find that the sheepskin sock liner adequately keeps your feet warm and cosy.

So if you are looking for a great looking pair of boots this winter then you cannot go far wrong with considering purchasing a pair of Ugg Classic Cardy boots. However it may be worth considering purchasing a pair sooner rather or later because otherwise you may have to wait several months should stocks run low like they did when they appeared on Oprah Winfreys Christmas Wish List in 2007.

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