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Why plus Sized Women Need Good Sports Bras

Many plus women already feel quite challenged when it comes to clothing shopping but buying workout clothing is an even greater concern and can even cause anxiety for some. It’s not easy being a larger woman and hunting around for workout gear and not being able to find anything that is comfortable and fits is a quick way to discourage an active lifestyle change.

I can totally understand and relate with why larger women are upset at their limited choices. Especially when the stores that are designed for larger women do not even offer athletic clothing, such as Lane Bryant or Torrid. It’s as though they never even thought that larger women wouldn’t be interested in getting healthy. It’s more frustrating to be in between the womens and plus sized sizes. I am a size– but am able to wear womens size large and extra large tops but yet I can only fit in a handful of athletic tops in sporting goods stores like the Nike store and Sportsmart.

Just speaking about this makes me angry. It leaves larger women with no choice than to have to purchase large over sized t-shirts. Then is the next more frustrating thing for them; shopping for a sports bra. now if they don’t even make athletic wear available, do you honestly think plus sized women are going to find many options for plus sized sports bras to work out with? I didn’t think so. If anyone needs the support, it’s plus sized women too!

Good workout clothing is a confidence booster for some people. I know that when I feel I look good in my workout clothing then I don’t mind showing up to the gym and getting my workout on. If there is to be success with weight loss and working out, then a woman needs to have the right workout apparel and even more importantly; a good sports bra.

I bet you are probably asking yourself “well where can I buy plus sized sports bras?” They do exist and I am not just talking about the few Champion sports bras that are available at Target or discount stores like Ross. In fact please think twice before settling for those types of sports bras. They may seem like a great solution because they are cheaper but sadly, you will end up either doubling up (wearing two bras at the same time) in order to get minimal support or you will discover they do not provide the right support and be frustrated with the discomfort.

10 years ago, I was really limited to sports bras. I searched high and low for plus sized ones and my only option was shopping at Target. Those sports bras were the worst investment. They were not supportive and they “exposed” things that should not have been made visible. Use your imagination here, especially if I got cold after a sweat. of course today you can purchase some amazing plus sized sports bras on Amazon or Road Runner Sports. Check out the brands: Moving Comfort, ENELL and Shock Absorber.

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