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Wholesale Jewelry Purchasing And Califonia Proposition 65

I was shopping online the last week and came across some great deals on wholesale jewelry on the internet. Then when I scrolled down the web page I read how California retailers have to adhere to proposition 65 warnings. They had to let their customers know that their jewelry contained chemicals and elements that have been known to cause cancer and birth defects.

The site warned to wash your hands after handling the jewelry and to keep it away from infants and small children. And by the way think twice before eating or sucking on the jewelry. You do not want to have something than might cause cancer in your mouth. Now I do not wear jewelry myself, I was looking for gifts.

But I am not sure I want to give a gift that needs such a warning. When I give it to someone as a gift do make sure they read the proposition 65 warning. Do I have to make sure to tell them to wash their hands after handling my gift; and what if they have children? Do I have to tell them not to let their kids handle my gift?

Now California proposition 65 applies to retailers in California. Does this mean that if I buy the same type of jewelry in Arizona that the jewelry there does not have the cancer causing agents nor does it mean that retailers do not have to warn of the cancer causing agents? I think it is the latter. Jewelry is jewelry and if the industry has been using lead to create jewelry all this time I doubt if somehow California is the only state where you can find jewelry with cancer causing agents.

Does anyone pay attention to these warnings? Do you pay attention to such warnings? If I gave you a wrist bracelet for Christmas with a California 65 tag on it would you not accept it, if you liked the bracelet? Chances are you would wear the bracelet.

But how do the agents cause cancer? Does the state have proof that wearing jewelry causes cancer? And what about states that do not have such legal requirements, do those states simply think let our population find out the hard way that the ring they are wearing will make them sick. Jewelry has been made the same for centuries.

Lead has been part of the jewelry process for years. Do we know for sure if anyone has suffered any ill effects from wearing jewelry with lead? Who can say for sure. But if proposition 65 was not passed most people would not give it a second thought about the lead they might find in their jewelry. But at least if you live in California you have the opportunity to choose for yourself if you want to wear jewelry that falls under the proposition 65 category. You can decide for yourself if you want to wash your hands after handling your jewelry.

If you are considering giving jewelry as a present you can make up your mind if you want to tell the person about the proposition 65 warnings. Or you can simply point out the tag if it has one. And I might not have been able to make this choice if I had not gone online looking for wholesale jewelry and reading about proposition 65.

Jewelry is a great way to make a living, but before you will get started you will need to know a couple of things about purchasing Wholesale Jewelry specifically Wholesale Fashion Jewelry.