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Now You Can Have Super Freaky Eyes with White Contacts

So it is no longer Halloween but that does not mean that you can’t look freaky if you want to.  Maybe there is a costume party and you want to give some of your friends a fright, well you can have the best costume but let me tell you, you are never really freaky enough unless you work on your eyes and that is why white contacts are really amazing.  These are some costume suggestions that you can use them with.

Pretend to be someone who can see the future with white contacts.  Do you remember the painter who could see the future in the TV series, Heroes?  Doesn’t he look freaky once he gets “possessed” and starts painting?  Well, you can have his look too by simply covering your eyes with the veil of white.  You may not see the future but you sure can freak them out.

Your second option is to come in as a zombie with white eyes.  With the rising popularity of movies due to TV shows and even Plants VS Zombies, you are sure to become a hit.  So dress up (or dress down rather) in some seriously ratty clothes and act as if you are craving for brains.  You don’t have to exert so much effort to freak your friends out, really.  Your white contacts will do most of the work for you.

You can also emphasize your white eyes by coming in an all white costume.  You can turn into a ghost and freak them out!  If you could pair it with a white wig, then that is even better.  White wig plus white outfit plus white eyes equals a super freaky time that your friends will never forget no matter how hard they try.