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Which Celebrities Have Driven Hybrid Cars?

No, it is certainly not true that you will rise to fame and fortune if you go and buy a hybrid car. But a hybrid car is not only a vehicle for the rich and famous. However it might be a good idea for you. Many famous people are driving hybrid cars nowadays including some of the most famous people on the planet like your favourite movie stars. But the big question is, should you be driving a hybrid car at all?

Are you driving anything like a hybrid car? Well, if you are not, you won’t become pally with some of these hybrid car-drivers. These people were early drivers of hybrids cars. You may not see them in a hybrid vehicle when they pull up next to you on Rodeo Drive, but believe me, they’ve owned a hybrid car before. Well, trust me or not they have been reported as driving hybrid cars in the past.

Alicia Silverstone This star definitely isn’t clueless about the environment. She knows that owning a hybrid car has many benefits for the environment. And if the general public doesn’t have the understanding that she has, then that’s just hard luck. Alicia understands that hybrid cars are great for the environment and therefore for everyone. So Alicia Silverstone got herself a hybrid car. So she has helped promote this new technology as far as this article is concerned, which has to be a good thing.

Ellen DeGeneres Well, this funny lady not only has a great haircut, but she was driving a great hybrid car before you probably even knew about hybrid cars. She was probably smiling at you and your gas-guzzler last time she wizzed past you.

Robin Williams Funny and sweet, Robin knew when he played the role of Mrs. Doubtfire that he should probably start thinking more like the sensible driver that you would allow to take your kids to and from school, so Robin got himself a hybrid car, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Ted Danson Cheers! Ted knows a great car when he sees one. He was definitely off the beer the day he decided to go check out the new cars on the forecourt. He got up and bought a car that made a whole lot of sense. He was making a good choice when he chose a hybrid car.

Brad Pitt What’s up? Certainly, not Brad’s petrol bills ‘cos he’s got a hybrid engine! He’s had a hybrid car, so he knows his car isn’t using that much petrol.

Prince Charles Why, surely, if it’s good enough for royalty, then it’s good enough for the rest of us? That’s how you should think when you drive a hybrid car. You should feel proud, adorned, and envied because believe it or not, that’s just what you are when you choose to drive a hybrid vehicle. So make the most of it.

So, do you feel like a million bucks yet? Well, you should if you are thinking of buying a hybrid car and don’t worry, you won’t have your 15 minutes of fame but you will be making a bold statement that people will understand and many people will appreciate what you are doing and that will go on for years and years because hybrid cars last for decade or more.

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