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Where Are The Major Gold Exchanges?

Gold is a strong element in combining and reacting with other elements. The nature for having gold more and more all around the world is same. Gold is a natural metallic element having more value as compared to its actual value. Gold will never loose its value in fact its value will be increased in coming years.

In order to fulfil the worldwide demand of gold, there are gold exchanges in all the major economic markets, and each of these gold exchanges has its own merits and demerits. There are different categories of investments available for investors who want to buy gold. Hence, each of these categories has specific exchanges where they can trade. One of these categories is the SPDR Gold Shares.

The other major gold exchange companies are Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), started trading on 23rd March 1982.Chicago Board of Trade exists since 20th February 1979, and its short form is CBOT. The Istanbul Gold Exchange started trading on 26th July 1995. Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) began trading on 10th November 2003.

(DGCX) also known as Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange commenced its trading operations in the month of June 2005. The worlds largest gold producing countries are as follows; with the annual gold production capacity 16% South Africa is the leading gold producer, this is followed by the annual gold production capacity of 12% by the United States, which is followed by the annual gold production capacity of 11% by Australia, and in the end the annual gold production capacity of 7% is produced by China.

One of the largest, most premier markets for gold is the London Metal Exchange. Some of the most important metals, from trade and economic perspective, are traded on this exchange, and this is where the prices are set for these metals. One of the largest exchanges for physical commodity futures is the New York Mercantile Exchange. Some of the most important commodities that are traded here are gold, silver, copper, palladium, energy and platinum.

There is also the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange which is located in Dubai. Dubai has long been the international hub for trade of different commodities varying from gold and silver, to spices and other items. The Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange is now the leading exchange in the Middle East for derivatives.

In the sub- continent, gold has a subsequent role in political and economic condition of a country. Gold is considered to be the most reliable form of exchange, and a means of saving and the most valuable thing they possess for the people.

Dubai is known as the city of gold and is an international place for trading or exchanging gold. No doubt that in years to come, Dubai would play an important role as a gold exchange centre.

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