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What You Need To Know About Hair Transplants

More and more people are deciding to have hair transplant procedures done as they realize how many improvements have been made to the techniques. In earlier times you could easily spot a person with bad hair plugs but this is not true today. Even today, however, there are many things that people do not comprehend about this process.

For men over 50, baldness is a serious issue. Today’s male society often deals with the hair problem by shaving their heads completely. For others, hair transplant surgery is a much more viable alternative. Those who accept their baldness may have a healthy psyche, but they are slightly out of step with the rest of the world.

Some people believe that these surgical procedures are as easily reversed as removing a wig but this is not true. Not only will your head may never look the same, you will require a number of surgical treatments. The person who has a few hair grafts is committed to their hair transplant surgery regardless of any doctor’s promise to try out a few grafts to see if you like it.

You need several days of rest afterward hair transplant surgery: Since the operation is so easy to endure, you might think that you can jump up and go right back to your regular activities. The scalp is just as important to take care of as any major or bone after surgery. Truthfully, you’ll have many post-surgery wounds afterward which will need to be protected.

Hair transplant surgery can be a time-consuming commitment: Treatment can often last one to two years. There are mega-sessions where thousands of grafts are done in one sitting to help reduce that amount of overall time. The commitment required for these sessions is grueling in and of itself, often requiring a serious amount of time to be performed.

Hair transplant surgery may be combined with other procedures: If you do not have enough hair, you cannot have the normal treatment. There are additional surgeries that can help achieve the desired goals that can be performed simultaneously. Most patients agree that these additional procedures are the cause of additional pain.

It is unlikely that your surgeon will share with you the fact that not all grafts survive. The hope is that only a few will not survive and that the overall result will be a positive one. Though every effort is made to ensure that grafts survive, this is frequently not enough.

You can expect to pay around 12,000 dollars for hair transplant surgery, though this is not as expensive as you might believe. Taking into consideration an average lifespan of a person dying at 70, if they have the procedure done at 30, then they have paid 300 dollars for each of the 40 years they had the surgery, which averages out to 25 dollars per month. Twenty-five dollars per month is much more than many so-called low cost hair loss treatments cost. You would actually save by getting the surgery done in the first place.

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