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What to Expect With Morning Sickness

When it comes to the detecting morning sickness the obvious symptom is nausea. You body is generating significantly greater hormones than usual and your body can become overwhelmed while it adjusts to this change. It endeavours to rid you of what it thinks you don’t need. While understand the cause is one thing, you still can’t spend your pregnancy feeling sick all the time.

Morning sickness does not afflict all pregnant women. Studies indicate that nearly two thirds of all pregnant women will feel the effects at some point. It can start as early as the first week of pregnancy and can last right to the end, however most report the effects subsiding around the fifteenth week.

You can feel the nausea at any time of day including the late afternoon and evening so don’t be fooled by the misnamed “morning” part. It is similar in sensation to a mixture of a head and motion sickness. And yes, vomiting comes with the territory.

Try not to overeat or drink fluids too quickly. You do not want to overwhelm an already delicate digestive system. It is optimal to eat smaller portions throughout the day so that you do not risk over doing it. Stay away from anything that is greasy or fried. Do not skip meals however just spread everything out more.

Not trying to function on an empty stomach can be helpful too. Keep nutritious snacks handy and eat those to keep the nausea at bay. Whole wheat crackers, breads and dried fruit are all good suggestions for a healthy bite to eat and does not contain much sugar. If you do make a habit of ingesting these then you can also avoid binge snacking on unhealthy choices that can lead to unnecessary weight gain and a greater risk of getting stretch marks.

As with most things prevention is better than trying to find a cure. If you can identify certain foods or scents that lead to you feeling nauseous then you can take steps to avoid these. It is better to just eat the foods that you can tolerate than constantly feeling sick.

Fortunately morning sickness is only temporary, not that it makes in any more desirable of pleasant. If you do throw up many times daily or it is significantly impairing your day to day activities, then definitely talk to your doctor. There are some medications that he or she can prescribe that may alleviate the symptoms further.

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