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What Are The Pre-Cosmetic Surgery Preparations I Have To Undergo?

There are many reasons why individuals want to undergo cosmetic surgery. While some want to simply improve their looks for more confidence, there are also those who may want to undergo it after an accident.

Proper preparation is necessary for surgery to be successful. Sited below are list of guidelines that will help you get ready for cosmetic surgery.

– Proper Assessment on Health Conditions

Before the procedure, your surgeon will usually assess you if you are fit for the surgery. Most likely, qualified patients will take series of test to check if they don’t have any undetected health problems thus having health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and the like can cause serious complications during and after surgery.

– Assessment on the Type of Medications Taken

To make sure that nothing will go wrong during and after the procedure, your surgeon will usually assess the types of medications you are taking if there are any. Some of these drugs include aspirin containing products and other inflammatory medications thus these drugs can inhibit blood clotting. Your physician will also provide you the list of over the counter medications to avoid.

– Stop Smoking

Smoking should be stopped for at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery, thus smoking prolonged the healing process and if not stopped, will likely result to complications.

– Consultation

It is also advisable to acquire guidance and advice from a cosmetic surgery consultant or from a psychologist before the surgery, to prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally on the many aspects of surgery. In the process, different emotions will emerge both positive and negative. Some would feel depression, insecurity and disappointment, so it is advisable to set your mind beforehand on wanting to go on with the surgical procedure.

– Patients Education

In order to understand the whole procedure better and to know what to expect from it, your cosmetic surgeon should provide you with adequate information regarding the procedure. Surgery comes with inherent risk and complications may occur. It is important to have realistic expectations with surgery. Hence, it is not right to engage into another procedure one after another just to be satisfied, thus doing this can cause serious damage to the body.

– Pre and Post-Surgical Care

Before the procedure, make sure you have somebody – a nurse or a health care provider – to look after you once you emerge from the operating room. You need someone to look at you 24-72 hours, thus you can’t do everything on your own after the surgery. It is also advisable that you set up a home recovery area in your house, the area should be packed up with things that you need during the recovery period.

Just remember, that there is no reason to rush into cosmetic surgery without proper preparations. Initially it is wise to have adequate preparation, thus in doing so patients would experience fewer complications and recover fast compared to patients who are unprepared.

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