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Wear a Marilyn Monroe Costume this Halloween

Marilyn Monroe is the iconic star in her generation. She had been the trademark for the white halter blown dress in the subway and no other actress can match her achievements, her beauty, her charm and her trademark. With that said, rather than fighting monsters and ghosts this Halloween, why not emulate her through a Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume.

True enough she is an epitome of beauty. But even if we are not Hollywood actresses, we can always dress like her and be her. How? Let me provide you ways on how to be the sought after beauty this Halloween.

Marilyn Monroe is popular with her short blond hair even if she is a red haired original. In fact, this is the starting point on how to effectively represent her this Halloween. If you cannot dare to cut and color your hair blond, then I suggest buying a wig instead. This type of hair is really popular online with many retailers. You can opt to choose one minding the costs and materials, so they fit your needs and budget.

Marilyn Monroe costumes with many of her commitments are always an eye turner. Take for example the white dress she wore that blew off along the street. Such action made her even more famous. It has not only attracted the attention of all because of her legs, she has even been recognized because of such audacity. You can also dress like her diamonds are a girl’s best friend video. In addition, you can even be cheeky like her wearing a low cut gold dress. There are various costumes of Marilyn Monroe that you definitely can imitate.

As an actress and a sweet eye for everyone, Marilyn Monroe must look glamorous every single time. Not only have her outfits complemented her that much, but also her stunning accessories. She always has fancy jewelries to wear containing different gemstones. Thus, you can opt to have these kind added to complement your total ensemble. You can opt to pick pearls, rhinestones and diamonds based jewelries that maybe real or fake. In addition, add some long glossy gloves and sexy heels.

Marilyn Monroe will never be Marilyn without the makeup. This is definitely a must have. Flash the red lipstick and apply it on your lips. Add some dark eye shadow and black eyeliner to bring out your eyes. Brush those brushes with pink tints to your cheeks to add life and appeal to all those who stop to stare you.

The beloved and iconic Marilyn Monroe is not far fetched at all. You only need to know how she dresses so you can emulate it yourself this Halloween. So, strut those things and celebrate November parties with glamour, class and style. Swagger your own Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume and be the classic chic and the life in the party.

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