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Useful Advice For Preventing Hair Loss

Hair loss can be overwhelming to most not understanding why there hair is coming out. Generally you’re solely getting older and this is all part of growing old unhappily, perhaps your hair is thinning or you’re unearthing a few bald spots on your head.

When dealing with hair problems you need to take into account a few things like if you have had major surgery recently this can cause strain on your body resulting in abrupt hair loss. Stress can cause instant hair loss, frequently persons take no notice of the basic signs of overwhelming their body; this is a great sign that you should take it easy.

Umpteen women often have hair loss 3 months after having a baby this happens generally because of hormones. Whilst pregnant your hormones are high causing the body to grow hair that normally wouldn’t grow. Then after having your baby the hormone level will return to normal causing the hair that grow to fall back out or if you have thyroid gland issues this can cause hair loss as while.

Early signs of Cancer, Lupus or Diabetes is hair loss, people often persons ignore this sign thinking there could be other issues.

There are quite a few ways to decrease hair loss and promote hair growth. Eating better foods that are rich of protein and making sure to take iron pills will help decrease hair loss. When eating healthy you will notice positive benefits such as looking better and feeling healthy the added bonus is possible hair growth. There are some that recommend eating the skins of certain vegetables like cucumbers, red and green pepper and potatoes skins suggesting that the skin is full of silica which is a mineral that is essential in hair growing healthy.

Treating hair with essential oils will enhance hair growth according to a few studies mixing three drops each of thyme oil, lavender and cedar wood with 1/8 cup of grape seed oil. Then once done mixing together apply a few drops to the hair and scalp area including the thinning or bald area making sure to massage into hair. Do this every night over a few months eventually you will see hair growth.

Over and over again some people don’t care to really regrow hair but often solely wish to maintain their healthy hair. There are a few simple vitamins to think about taking to make hair healthy and thick. Some propose taking folic acid, botin and para-amino benzoic acid and vitamin B5 by supplement pill daily.

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