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Unlocking the Blackberry Phones

Blackberry phones are extremely well liked by people all over the world and having one is very important. Bad news is, the Blackberry is not compatible with other systems and it can merely be applied in the mainland USA. The good news is that there are methods that can make the phones compatible with systems and can make international roaming possible. The process may be a long one, but it is well worth the effort especially for individuals who like to be in the middle of a fad.

Only the GSM Blackberry phones can be unlocked, no other models get that distinction. So, if you have this type, remove the SIM card and insert it into a different phone. If it works in that phone then you know that the phone you have is already compatible, but if it does not work, then you have to send it to a service company that can do the unlocking.

Shop around for a service which can service the phone. There are some that advertise their expertise on other phones but may not be capable in unlocking Blackberries. When calling the service, make sure that they can open the GSM which involves a change in hardware, not softwares.

The companies may ask you to mail the phone over to them using the mailing service that they frequently use. This is very important for trusting a mailing service that is not reliable when it comes to phones may cost you the phone.

Third, it is always best to know how much the unlocking service is. If it costs less than a brand new phone then that is good. Watch out for companies that charge an arm and a leg as there are a lot of others that can even do this for free, so shop around before you settle on one.

Fourth, send the phone over to the company, hopefully it is just someplace local. If it is not, then you have to use the mail service the company prefers and take out insurance for it in case of theft or loss.

The SIM card should work, but if it does not, it is important to contact the service company immediately. Make sure that they do the backup job for free as they should be. Do not get hassled into paying an extra service charge.

Make sure it does for if it does not, the service company should be required to replace it for you at their own expense. Also, make sure they are responsible for back-up jobs. Test out the phone if it is truly unlocked. Get a friend’s SIM card and place it inside. If it works then it is unlocked. If it does not, then the service company has a lot to answer for.

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