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Ugg Australia: Too Good To Be True?

Popular pieces of footwear are often the target of illegitimate production companies looking to turn a quick profit on a trend. Ugg Australia is one of these companies. There are thousands of these knockoff boots online, waiting to be purchased by an unsuspecting buyer due to their cheap price tag. By learning about the techniques used in determining a shoe’s quality, there is less of a chance that a person will purchase a fake boot.

By using less sophisticated production methods, sellers looking to get rid of knockoff products usually put a small price tag on the item for a quick sell. By doing so, many buyers are duped into thinking they have hit the proverbial jackpot, and unknowingly buy a fake product. By avoiding merchants selling a far below average price, the chances of encountering a fake product are lowered considerably.

For Ugg boots, the sole can provide a clue as to whether a product is real or not. Brand name boots have the Ugg logo with a registered trademark “R” next to them to provide authenticity. Without this, the boots would be able to be produced by companies without having to pay royalties to ugg Australia.

Where the boots say they are made is also a factor into determining authenticity. Genuine Uggs are made in China, while knockoff boots say they are made in Australia or New Zealand. Labels dictating these statements are also not present on genuine models, as they are stitched into the boot itself.

The lining within the boot is of genuine sheepskin fur, which lends to the shoe’s comfort and quality. The softness or roughness of the fur is used to measure whether synthetic fibers are used. True sheepskin is smooth and soft. This fake fiber may also drop off during periods of storage or usage, simply by being a cheap knockoff of the original brand, and can be stringy or rough when touched.

Ugg Australia is an established global brand. It has access to high-end production techniques to create quality products. Evidence suggesting otherwise is often sign of a bootleg product rather than a rare production error. By examining parts of the shoe carefully, the risk associated with purchasing a knockoff product is lessened considerably. Fake furs, absence of trademarks, and extremely thin soles are some of the ways you can tell the real from the fake.

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