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Two Superb Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung is a corporation that is pursuing countless industries ranging from electronics to aerospace and is one of the chief memory chip, semiconductor, television and LCD fabricators globally. It has production units in many countries throughout the globe, including the US and Thailand. Samsung formed its exclusive electronics groups in 1969 and in spite of its achievement in a lot of these industries, Samsung continues to remain recognized for its mobile phones, laptops, televisions, computer components and other household electronics.

The corporation won a favorable reputation in the worldwide cell phone industry a lot later than its competitors. But that did not prohibit the large Korean producer from over powering this section of the consumer electronics business. In fact Samsung is one of the biggest three mobile phone companies globally, fabricating impressive phone models that are exhibited in countries across the planet. Recently, its attention has been mostly on 3G or third generation phones that give users extra services like video calls and wireless Internet. Samsung has very recently debuted its first online applications store comparable Ovi by Nokia and the iPhone apps store.

One of its contemporary and significant phones is the rugged and highly reliable Samsung B2100 Extreme. Made from urethane for extra strength, the Samsung B2100 is an clever phone unlike conventional solid cellular phones made by rival phone producers. It is unaffected by to water and dust, with a 1.77-inch high-resolution screen, which supports 256k colors. The video and audio player supports nearly all general file formats and permits recording videos at 15fps. Fitted with a 1.3-megapixel, auto focus camera it has firmware that enables you to shoot superior quality panoramic pictures with significant ease. In spite of the Samsung B2100 not being a 3G cellular phone, its EDGE technology permits smooth and swift Internet surfing. Its 7MB internal memory can be expanded by deploying a micro SD memory card, and has an usual battery duration of a couple of days with normal talk, messaging and multimedia times.

The Samsung i890 Omnia HD is another latest challenger for the title of best mobile phone on the globe and gives a remarkable Active-matrix OLEDs (AMOLED) touch screen of significant dimensions, making bigger size, higher resolution displays manageable. This form of the established mobile phone has revised its interface considerably and permits you to personalize the home screen effectively utilizing a variety of practical widgets. The phone exhibits a numerical keypad when positioned vertically and quickly switches into a QWERTY keyboard in horizontal mode. Unlike several mobile phones in its category, the Samsung i890 Omnia HD has well spaced out keys which allows in error-free typing of messages.

The Samsung i890 Omnia HD is also a efficient multimedia smartphone. It possesses an 8-megapixel camera with HD movie filming and playback, and more than sufficient memory for keeping numerous multimedia files without decreasing its outstanding performance. The displays look luminous with its capability to exhibit 16 million colors at a 360×640 pixel resolution, making videos and pictures seem vivid. The existing picture and video selections are more than adequate with options like special filming modes, resolutions and Wide Dynamic Range. This mobile phone also takes care of almost all video and music file formats. The Samsung i890 Omnia HD permits you access media files by either swiping your finger, by tilting your phone left or right or using the onscreen arrows, with various alternatives to upload files to the web and social networking websites. The cell phone also permits you look at business related documents like Word.

Check out the phones functionality and options properly to gauge its appropriateness to your requirements. There are several other names out there for you to scrutinize but do pay attention to Samsungs remarkable repute as a top-class mobile in every one of the sectors it competes in.

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