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Tummy Tuck Surgery for Men

It seems that when the subject of tummy tucks come up, most people immediately imagine a woman coming out of a cosmetic surgeons office. However, reality is very different. Therefore, this article is going to focus on male tummy tucks.

Obviously, the majority of tummy tuck patients are women. This is due to the simple fact that during pregnancy, a woman’s abdominal area is stretched out. Often due to the stretching, the end result is a woman who has an enormous amount of excess skin.

However, like we alluded to earlier, there is an increasing trend of more and more men getting tummy tucks. For those of us who like statistics, in the year 2007, there were over 5600 men who had a tummy tuck, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

This of course begs the question, Why would a man need a tummy tuck? There are two answers to this question. The majority of men have tummy tucks to undo the ravages of extreme weight loss or to reverse the aging process.

The first reason, significant weight loss, accounts for the majority of male tummy tuck patients. For many men, they simply can not imagine needing a tummy tuck just because they lost some weight. However, when you lose in the range of 100+ pounds, the skin is simply not able to retract enough to look normal.

In addition to weight loss, an older man is likely to get a tummy tuck to undo the damage done by aging. Regardless of how much we try to postpone the inevitable, the fact is that many men will develop excess skin in their abdominal area.

Now that you know why a man would get a tummy tuck, another consideration for him is how he plans to pay for the surgery. Since the surgery can cost in excess of $9000, most men simply do not have this much lying around. As a result, many surgeons offer financing options to their patients.

In conclusion, there are two main reasons why a man would get a tummy tuck. Since we believe that these two reasons will continue to exist, one can only logically assume that more and more men will continue to have tummy tucks.

The Male Tummy Tuck Recovery Guide was developed to help people learn about the subject of Male Tummy Tucks.