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Tummy Tuck Jeans For Women Who Never Wear Denim

Many women choose to try tummy tuck jeans for shaping stubborn belly fat or a less than perfect rear view, wanting something less risky or costly than cosmetic surgery. The phrase refers to Not Your Daughters Jeans, a brand who made the first successful styles and claims to have given them the tummy tuck jean name. Use this article to find out more about the brand which claims to effortlessly contour the tummy and lift the behind.

This article gives you the materials the range is made in, the colours and the styles available. You can discover the full range within the brand, not just their denim jeans, which might work better in as core wardrobe items.

If you cannot always or in fact never wear jeans, its worth knowing the designs are also available in velveteen, corduroy and heathered twill. For jeans lovers, of course there is denim galore in regular, cashmere and lurex weaves. You could wear the non-denim fabrics quite easily to work, appointments or meetings and parent teacher events and you could also choose different colours.

Again clearly capitalising on womens many modern roles, their jeans and trousers come in a variety of colours that hone them in to different occasions. Of course they have made them in classic indigo, light blue, dark blue and black denim. There are also over-dyed denim, pinstripe black and pinstripe blue denim. For when you just do not want jeans, there are black with or without multi-stripes, plain white and plain grey trousers. Being able to escape the ubiquitous mom in jeans look is helpful but there is then also the issue of how the jeans are cut to give that style flexibility.

Based in the USA, the company does cater for those ladies who love their rhinestones and classic jeans looks. If that style is not for you, there are also boot leg, wide legs with retro styling, slim leg jeans plus more conventional, smart trouser slacks. You can have them with embroidered details on the pockets, or even as a jumpsuit if you feel daring. Again, the range is quite practical for everyday needs, from formal to smart casual to casual.

All of their tummy tuck jeans and trousers have the same criss-crossed patented panels sewn into them which aim to contour the tummy and give the behind an uplift. Marketing constantly stresses while you should look slimmer and trimmer, you should never feel restricted or as though anything is digging in as you move about. Exploring the different materials, colours and styles can help you move away from the mindset where the panels sound good, but are only made in a jeans style which could not possibly work outside leisure wear.

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