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Tracing The Roots Of Crooked Teeth To Childhood

Many of us have some form of teeth alignment problems. The oral predicament may be uneven spacing between the teeth, crookedness, overcrowding, or extensions. In time, we become accustomed to the irregularities and rarely complain about them, not unless they cause us discomfort.

Teeth irregularities can cause uneasiness, affecting one’s sense of worth; people usually cover their mouths while talking or they seldom smile to hide the perceived imperfection of their teeth. Furthermore, teeth irregularities can affect usual function such as chewing food, which can have an enormous effect on one’s nourishment.

Dental flaws are often the gift of genetics. An ancestor may have protruding front teeth, and this could be inherited by the children. Aside from heredity, however, external factors may cause dental irregularities. Some of these causes are the following:

Trauma – Playing rough and coupled with small accidents can cause children to loose or fracture their teeth. These fractured teeth will be replaced but may fuse with the bone that surrounds it. This is called ankylosis – the abnormal fusing of the tooth to the bone – and it is a primary reason children grow up with crooked teeth.

Thumb sucking or pacifier use – When children utilize pacifiers or suck their thumbs for a longer period than what is normal, the habit could cause a noticeable protrusion of the upper row of teeth over the lower row.

Early loss of baby teeth – If baby teeth are lost too early, the secondary teeth will have no point of reference once they come through the gum’s surface, causing alignment issues.

Some individuals perceive dental flaws as minor annoyances that they have managed to treat it as slight annoyances. However, it is still a nice habit to have regular dental checkups to make sure that the dental flaws do not create complications later.

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