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Top 4 Most Selected Straw Handbag

Women prefer straw handbags in carrying heavy things because they are sturdy and have a huge space. Other than being sturdy and having huge space, many ladies prefer to own a straw handbag because they are trendy, purposeful, and flirty. Although straw handbags are commonly made from straw, these bags come in different styles and designs. There are also available different colors, shapes and patterns. The top four picks straw handbags are The Guess, Etienne Aigner Essentials Spring Straw Hobo, The Fossil Straw Bermuda Bucket, and the Inge Yvette Shopper.

The Guess by Mariano Amazon Bucket is a simple design of a straw handbag. This straw bag has a light color and an inside lining. The mentioned interior lining has a bright but not so intense color of satin print. The bag is decorated with white leather accents and the white handles are round. It has an open top design and a padlock closure inspired by Chloe. The open top is made of a small leather flap. The open top design also allows the user to easily glide her things inside, and at the same time easily pull them out

Another selected straw handbag is the Etienne Aigner Essentials Spring Straw Hobo. Unlike straw bags which have an inside pocket, this straw handbag has the rare exterior pocket. This bag is also unique because it is a combination of straw and fabric. It has a leather shoulder band that has a creamy color. Etienne Aigner bag is adorned with an admirable gold emblem. You can match this straw handbag with your outfit during spring time.

Another top straw handbag is the Fossil Straw Bermuda Bucket. This handbag has the unique design of stripes. It comes in different colors like orange, pink, and chocolate, which emanate freshness and fun. Like the Etienne Aigner straw bag that has an exterior pocket, Fossil Straw has one and an interior cotton lining.

The last straw handbag that belongs to the top four picks is the Inge Yvette Shopper. This comes from the unique pandan straw which guarantees the material’s durability. This handbag is embroidered with leather accents and a wire reinforced flower placed at the front side of the bag. Inge Yvette Shopper straw bag has a darker shade. This shade is paired with white leather handles and contours. The handbag is also lined with cotton and adorned with gold-tone hardware.

Generally, straw handbags have many different styles that you can choose from. You can visit some department stores, accessories stores or online boutiques to buy straw bags. The value of straw bags varies because it depends on the materials used in manufacturing it. You can carry straw bag during spring time. Most straw bags have light colors which provide a perfect match for outfits during summer or spring.

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