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Tools Of The Trade – Hair Styling Sprays

When selecting the most appropriate hair styling spray for your hair, things such as your style, the thickness of your hair and the look you require, all need to be taken into consideration. Some hair styling sprays can be used to help achieve that look you would only usually have once you have just left the salon.

Fixing your style: Hairsprays come in lots of different strengths but if you really want to fix it in place, go for a stronger hold version of the hair styling spray. Holding the can at a minimum of twenty to thirty centimetres away from the hair will help give you a more natural look that will still move naturally.

Volumizing: Mousse is fantastic for creating much needed volume to a normally limp and lifeless style. Simply dispense a golf ball sized amount into your palm and rub evenly into the roots of your hair whilst blow-drying it. The same effect can be achieved by spraying a strong hairspray into the roots whilst holding your head upside down but this often does not look as natural.

Creating texture: The best hair styling spray for creating a texture in your hair is gel. Gel can come in a pump or a finer version in a spray can or bottle. It is fantastic for constructing flicks in your bangs or for a more tousled look. Again, using too much will not look good so use only a teaspoon sized amount to create the most natural style.

Defining your layers: Wax is an invaluable product for creating strong definition between your layers. By defining each level it not only provides volume, but a more versatile look. Wax is only needed in very small amounts and a great tip is if you warm it in the palm of your hand before applying, it will soften and will spread more easily over your hair.

Creating a shiny look: Having a shiny hair style gives the impression that it is also healthy, and it is ever so easily to gloss your finished style. Spray a light dusting of shine or gloss spray over the finished style and watch as it instantly creates a luxurious shine to complete it

The best tips to give here would be only to use as much of the hair styling spray, of whichever type, as you would need. Never over indulge as this will help you lose the natural and product free looking hair that the stylist always manages to achieve effortlessly on you.

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