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Tips for Choosing an SLR Zoom Lens

But for someone who really knows all about these things, one knows the importance and the benefits of getting zoom lens for ones DSLR. Zoom lenses are not exactly the same as telephoto lenses because those lenses usually have a narrow angle of view.

However, zoom lenses offer both a wide-angle or telephoto – giving you a wide angle or narrow view, respectively. Your personal collection of lenses should always include a SLR zoom lens, as it can zoom in on your subject as it’s name suggests.

The SLR lens offers you a choice of focal lengths ranging from 16mm up to 400mm. These versatile lens can change the background of a particular subject, as well as have the ability to bring the your subject even closer to you. Because of this longer focal length, you can use your camera to separate the subject by blurring the background and have a resulting smooth bokeh surrounding your subject. The result, the subject stands out better.

For sports photographers who are serious about getting action photos, then this lens is also a must. This will allow you to zoom in on your athletes without having to move from your place. Animal photographers, as well, should have SLR zoom lens. The long focal length means more magnification level for your photos, thus making your subjects bigger and more prominent without the need to move in closer.

This zoom lens is a great benefit to event photographers. It gives them the ability to zoom in on their subject, i.e. a person, and still maintain a wide angle view of the entire event setting! While these lenses are incredibly versatile, it’s still up to the photographer to use it to full potential. High-quality SLR zoom lens is produced by Olympus, Sony, Canon, and Nikon in various focal lengths.

When looking for the magnification level of any particular lens, divide the largest number by the lowest for the correct magnification level. The Canon EF 2-300mm has a 10.7x magnification level, for example. Remember, you might have the top-of-the-line digital SLR camera with great zoom lens, but without the photographer’s or knowledge of how to use it, you won’t get the results you want in your pictures.

However, take the time to read, practice, and listen to your instincts, and you’ll capture memorable pictures to be proud of.

When you want to step up the level of your photography, you should invest in an SLR Zoom Lens. I bring to you the best of the best along with reviews and tips on using your state of the art Digital Telephoto Lens .