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Three Incredible Cosmetic Benefits of an Aquasana Shower Water Filter

Many people are aware that swimming in a pool treated with chlorine will deprive your hair and skin of moisture. However, it’s not common knowledge that the amount of the harmful chemical coming out of your showers and faucets is often equal to or greater than the amount used in a pool. Cancer risk for people that use water treated with chlorine is as much 93% greater than those whose water is chlorine-free, according to the US Council of Environmental Quality. The inhalation and absorption of chlorinated water during a shower is not only linked to serious diseases, but studies also suggest a strong correlation with damaging cosmetic effects. A time-tested solution to help lower the risk of chlorine-related health problems is to install a shower water filter.

Showering in water that is treated with chlorine can result in negative cosmetic effects like dry skin, dry hair, bloodshot eyes and skin disorders. An Aquasana shower filter eliminates chlorine, as well as filters out Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs),synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. For most people, reducing the threat of serious health risks such as bronchitis and cancer make a shower water filter a must-have, but there are significant cosmetic benefits that should not be overlooked.

If you have dry skin, it is often a signal that your body is suffering from the effects of showering in chlorinated water. Since your skin is your body’s biggest organ, it’s extremely important to take care of it. Chemicals take away the natural oils and moisture that protect our skin, leaving it dry and itchy. When they are eliminated, you will be left with softer skin that doesn’t itch. By installing a shower system that uses both a carbon and KDF filter media, you will have the peace of mind that comes from taking showers in chemical-free water, plus the added bonus of healthier, younger-looking skin.

A really noticeable difference that happens when you switch to a quality shower water filter is that your hair becomes softer and shinier. Similar to the way chlorine robs your skin of moisture and causes dryness, the chemical also causes dry hair. Once chemicals are eliminated from the shower water, you’ll immediately experience softer hair. With hair that is so much softer, you might even be able to spend less on hair conditioner.

When showering in filtered water, people are often surprised when they no longer experience eye irritation, a problem that can be caused by all the chemicals found in tap water. Each of us remembers what it was like to go swimming in a chlorinated pool. Depending on our sensitivity to the chlorine, we might feel a stinging or burning in our eyes – and of course they became bloodshot. If you want to end the effects of harmful chemicals on your eyes, it’s time to get a showerhead that filters those contaminants. It will help your eyes feel less irritated and appear clearer and healthier.

Shower filtration can be a perfect answer for individuals with eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. All these conditions are in some way dependent on how much moisture the skin holds. Chlorine is often responsible for bacteria shortages and scaling because the skin and hair are denied their natural oils. Chlorinated water actually kills the bacteria that is beneficial to the skin. Normally, this bacteria will work as a natural defense against skin disorders. You can prevent and even cure skin disorders when you use a quality chlorine shower filter.

Shower filters are an amazing solution to the problem of negative cosmetic benefits that occur from showering in unfiltered water. However, it is also extremely important that you drink lots of fresh filtered water. By drinking six-to-eight glasses of purified water each day, you are taking strides to keep your skin looking healthy, moist and resilient – from the inside. When you combine a 2-stage shower filter, such as the Aquasana AQ-4100, with a high-quality drinking water filter, you are utilizing two proven methods for looking both healthy and young.

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