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Thinking of canceling that gym membership? Read this first…..

It is common for many of us to start to consider whether the gym membership is really worth it
– that extra money could come in very handy each month!! But, maybe it’s money well spent after all.
Falling of the work out wagon can have negative effects on your mind as well as your body.

Here’s a list of negative effects on your mind and body when not exercising

Your Nights Sleep – We all know exercising increases energy levels because your body is flooded with oxygen, so surely you’ll find it easier to get to sleep if you quit? Not according to research on keeping ourselves in shape. It has been found that regular exercise regulates your body clock promoting deep sleep and stopping those 3am insomniac moments.

Your Skin – Sweating unclogs our pores. The gym is anti-ageing as it keeps the elasticity in your muscles, and the oxygen pelting round your body helps remove free radicals, making you all glowy.

Your Sex Life – Gym bunnies reach orgasm more easily and more often; research at the University of Harvard found that the sex life of a swimmer in her forties was akin to that of a 20 year old. It’s all down to the extra blood flow to the vagina, which makes you feel sexier.

Your Brain – When you exercise, your brain expands, jump-starting your visual memory and organizational skills, so don’t be surprised if you’re not the brightest bulb in the box for a while after skipping those sessions….

Your Appetite and Metabolism – You’ll be less hungry but because your metabolic rate will drop, you must be careful to lower your calorie intake, or it will be stored as fat.

The Size of Your Bum – Contrary to myths, your muscles don’t automatically turn to flab if you stop working out. They just get smaller, thus the fat padding surrounding them becomes larger leading to that squishy feeling. Muscles weigh more that fat, so you might lose weight but go up a dress size.