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Things They Don’t Tell You About Silk N Sensepil

Tired of removing bothersome hairs from your body with the hassle of shaving and the mess and pain of wax? Try Silk N Sensepil Hair Removal. This product promises ease and lasting results. If you hate to wax, pluck, and shave, Silk N Sensepil could be for you. Why not see the top reasons to give No No hair removal a try.

SensEpil developers say that the device removes hair by inhibiting the hair follicle with heat. Dermatologists say this is an effective and safe method of hair removal. As the device works you can feel a warming sensation but it is not painful.

the device is almost the size of a mobile phone. People have said it is a piece of cake to hold and simple to use. Your skin could feel like you have been in a tanning booth but this wears off in about an hour. Most reports from users say the worst part is the smell of the heated hair.

People using the device twice a week for six weeks appear to have less hair for the six weeks after treatment. Six weeks after, more than seventy percent less hair was noticeable, and after 12 weeks, more than fifty percent less hair was noticed. Most dermatologists agree the results are similar to those achieved using a traditional laser treatment.

Though the hair reduction is not completely permanent but it does take the hair a very long time to grow back. If you stop using it, your hair will slowly grow back. A few reapplications will put the hair follicle back into dormancy.

A major advantage being reported is the help to those who really have trouble shaving. Most users say that the heating process makes their hair grow back finer and thinner than before. The heat process avoids the nasty itching, ingrown hairs, rashes, and cuts of shaving.

Some people who use waxing to remove hair really dislike the mess and pain. Waxing can actually burn skin if the wax is applied too hot, or if it drips on tender areas. The pain of stripping away the wax and the hair can be so painful that many people actually avoid it. But, the Silk N is not messy or painful.

The cost for the unit is about $400. Most users find this to be a small price to pay compared to the cost of frequent waxing or costly laser treatments. You will need to maintain some of the parts inside, such as the lamps, but that is also worth the effort if you consider how long you will be without hair.

Dermatologists have said the device is safe to use at home, and useful too. They say it is effective at inhibiting the follicles as promised and works much like the expensive laser treatments that can cost thousands of dollars

The products developers and dermatologists agree , the results are what people are noticing. Silk N Sensepil Hair Removal seems to be the new must have for removing hair.

Want to find out more about the Silk N SensEpil hair removal system? Visit Eric Camron’s site with the most up to date information about the SensEpil.