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Things that Cause Headaches

Headache Clinic

Got a splitting headache, even though you didn’t touch a drop of alcohol last night? Here are 4 weird things that could be to blame…

1. Powerful Smells: When you smell coffee, perfume, paint or other strong aromas, your brain is jerked painfully into action. Your reflexes are forced to work overtime which then causes the headache.

2. A Lie- in: What!? Surely more sleep makes everything better. Apparently not. The nerves in your brain are susceptible to changes in the rest of your body. So if you usually get up at 7am and you get up at 11am, it’s a shock to the system.

3. Your Period: Hormones are a massive cause of headaches. Before your period, you retain fluid which causes tissues in your brain to swell putting pressure on the nerves and ratcheting up the tension in the brain. Evening Primrose Oil is good for calming fluctuating hormone levels.

4. Teeth Grinding: If when you wake up you have a sore head, it could be that you grind your teeth in your sleep. The tension of gritting your teeth travels up to your temples causing pain. Get your other half to listen out for teeth grinding or take a trip to the dentist so he can check for any damage.

5. Dehydration: If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated. Drink water before you are even thirsty to prevent dehydration. Check if your tongue is white, if it is then that is usually a sign you need to drink more water. To cure a headache, drink a liter of water to rehydrate yourself.

6. Low Iron: If you lack proper nutrients then that often causes headaches. Make sure you eat lots of leafy greens.

7. Abuse of aspirin causes headaches: Overuse of many nonprescription drugs can do more harm than good. It creates acid in your body (Acid vs. Alkaline) When your body is too acidic then this causes headaches and other problems. Eat more alkaline foods such as broccoli, lemons, fruits to balance out your body’s PH levels. Even though lemons taste acidic on your tongue they are actually very alkaline in your body. Headaches and other diseases cannot survive in an alkaline body. You can test yourself by getting PH strips at a pharmacy.