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There Are Seiko Men’s Watches To Suit Every Wearer

Time pieces can be purely functional or works of art in their own right. You see, Seiko ladies watch do more than count the hours. They provide stylish design which may at first overshadow some amazing facts about time keeping. Seiko knows how to draw power from quartz crystals and kinetic energy, along with the prosaic automatic and wind-up options.

Spring drive watches wind manually and display great accuracy. The mechanism winds thirty percent faster than most watches to offer a variable of plus or minus one second per day. Note the smooth and quiet hand motion of these time pieces. Seiko utilizes old technology with new precision.

The Ananta line comes with an automatic or spring drive option. Choose from a black or silver strap, with the flash of embedded jewels. Spring Drive GMT will show you Greenwich Mean Time, reminding you there is a whole other world just a plane ride away. A mens watch calendar shows the date up to 2100. The Multi-Hand Automatic shows twenty-nine jewels and a power reserve indicator.

Athletes appreciate time in much tighter increments than many people. Tiny fractions of seconds can make the difference between a qualifying time and a place in the audience; winning or second place. The Sportura line features stainless steel casing for hard knocks, ten bar water resistance and non-reflective faces so that, rain or shine, sportsmen and women can see where they stand. Dials, alarms and other settings on these kinetic or quartz models provide options even the ultimate time keepers may not have thought of yet.

Velatura Marine Watches feature a kinetic direct drive which works with body movement. The yachting timer suits recreational sailors, while the professional sailor will be equally impressed. Choose one for the man or the woman in your life. Select the Velatura Date Calendar for sleek, bright design with ten diamonds and a mother of pearl dial. Sailing never looked so beautiful.

Divers require special watches to withstand deep sea pressure. Seiko offers the Diver Chronograph, water resistant to two hundred meters. A screw crown and screw buttons provide added security. You can time your dive with up to two hours of stop watch capacity, while taking advantage of split time measurement. Alternatively, try the 1/100 Second Retrograde Chronographer to measure time in these tiny fractions. The face carries a number of dials, plus four glistening gems.

Arctura refers to a line of watches Seiko has nurtured since 1997. Five months of reserve power make the Kinetic Chronograph a reliable device. Mother of pearl dials and diamonds on these watches provide the glamour, while alarms and stop watches keep you on your toes.

Choose one of the two Automatic men’s fashion watches models, both designed in a gentle, earthy brown in a departure from the metallic glint of many Seiko women’s watches models.