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There Are Five Things To Consider Before Buying Patio Cushions

When trying to sort out what cushions to buy for your patio furniture, it can get very confusing fairly quickly.

Maybe you have already started looking about online or at your local stores, you are aware that prices range from $20.00 to a couple of hundred dollars and to your eye there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the cheap and the expensive. So to help you choose I have outline a few pieces of advice to help the “choosing” process.

Firstly whatever cushions you buy you want to last, that means buying quality and means that you need to consider just five things.

1. Quality Covering. The appearance and durability of your cushions patio will be mainly dependent on the covering fabric and you should look for acrylic fabric or an acrylic fabric blend. This is definitely the number one choice and is a very easy care fabric. Make sure you get a fabric which has been certified suitable for outdoor use by the manufacturer and that they will warranty it against rot and UV (sun) damage as well as manufacturing defects.

2. Quality Filling Comfort is supplied by the cushion filling and high density foam filling or good quality polyester fiber fill are probably the best with the regard to comfort. They are both very good at retaining their shape and cushion over many years, the polyester fiber fill seems to dry a little faster than foam filling if it gets wet, so have swimming pool I would recommend the polyester fill.

3. Quality Stitching and 4. Quality Zipper The construction of an outdoor cushion requires that the thread used for stitching the seams and zip is strong and weather resistant to at least the same degree as the fabric (I prefer it to be better). There is little point in choosing a great fabric and filling if you aren’t going to put the cushions together with stitching that holds together the reinforced seams and quality zippers that will last for years.

5. Quality of Manufacture. Quality of manufacture usually can be detected by looking closely at the cushions and looking for overall finish, and in particular the seams and the way the zipper is installed. All seams should be reinforced and the zipper doubly reinforced. The quality of the ties and the way they are attached is also an indication of how well the cushion was made. Any good manufacturer will give a warranty against defects and that warranty should include the zipper and ties.

Another thing you may need to consider is the fit of the cushion. It is particularly important if you are choosing other than just simple throw cushions. But even throw cushions should be matched in size to your furniture. Tiny cushions may look ridiculous on large chairs or a porch swing.

Take your time and consider carefully, you are making an investment which you want to last for some years. If you think about the life of your outdoor furniture you will realize that the expense of the cushions that you buy now, if considered over the expected lifetime of the furniture, may break down to a few dollars investment per year. That $60 patio lounge cushion over the ten year expected life of the patio lounge is only $6.00 per year.

If store bought Cushions Patio seem out of your price range then you could consider making your own from the same quality materials.

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