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The Valley Of Saint Anne-Orange County

In the south of California, there is a territorial division of the country, a county known as the orange county. Santa Ana is the county seat of the orange county. On the basis of population, it ranks as the 2nd most populated county of California, running a little behind the Los Angeles County and on the basis of area, Orange County is the smallest county in the Southern California.

The orange county was initially called “the valley of Saint Anne” and was first inhabited by few groups of Native Americans. After some eventful decades, the California legislature decided to divide the Los Angeles County and form the orange county. Orange County was made as definite political entity. It is named as orange- the citrus fruit because it is considered as the most famous product of the area. On economical fundaments, the orange county makes the money transactions mainly by three ways namely tourism and business.

Tourism is the most prominent aspect of the economy of the orange county. The city of Anaheim in Orange County plays a vital role in boosting the tourism industry and is considered as the major tourist hub. Anaheim is the home of the world famous Disneyland resort and the Anaheim convention centre. As the county is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the south, the availability of beaches lead to the beach resorts which are the source of income due to the consistent incoming of tourists from all around the world. The beach cities also provide treats like golf, shopping, dining, biking paths and also hiking trails in mountains, thus boosting the adventure in the visits of tourists. Also, there are many shopping malls in Orange County. On a more commercial note, there are a number of companies established in the orange county such as fortune 500 companies, fortune 1000 companies and a large number of regional headquarters which are used for making business deals on an international scale.

Orange County is also known for its interest in literature, religion and the arts. There are a number of tourist destinations in the orange county which highlight the taste of arts of the county. Some instances are the tourist spots like Disneyland, Little Saigon, Ronald reagon federal and the Cart house in the Santa Ana are other prominent structures. On a religious pathway, Orange County is a home to many famous centers of religious worshiping. Some are the Crystal Cathedral, the Calvary Chapel, the Saddleback Church et cetera. There are a few Islamic societies, Buddhist monasteries also.

A number of novels, films and television shows have been set up in the Orange County. Novels like California girl and all the bells on earth are set in this county. The Orange County is also known for its indulgence in the field of sports. A number of sports are enjoyed in the county namely surfing, skate boarding, cycling, and hiking. Sailing and playing sand volley ball.

Orange County is also a host to a number of prominent teams of different sports. The Los Angeles angel of Anaheim is the major league baseball team who emerged out as the winner of the World Series in the year 2002. The county’s hockey team, titled the Anaheim Ducks were the winner of the Stanley Cup 2007.

Thus, Orange County proves to be a true attraction for tourists from all around the world.

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