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The Ultimate Choice In Mens Jewelry

Things have changed especially in the area of mens jewelry. There was a time not to long ago that the last thing men were concerned about was the jewelry they wear but today’s modern man just is not well dressed without his jewelry. When men get married, the choice of the wedding band they wear has become a big issue and instead of the usual platinum or white gold band the trend is toward the titanium wedding band.

The wedding band made out of gold or platinum is heavier than and not as smooth to the touch as the titanium wedding band. The titanium band has the appearance of either white gold or brushed platinum.

The cost of the titanium wedding band is much more affordable than the wedding bands made of white or or platinum. Even though this is a more economical choice the band looks like it is very expensive and has a very exquisite look.

The color of titanium is medium gray in is raw state. This is a piece of jewelry that will last for years because of its strength which is a good seven times greater than platinum and is comparable in strength to steel. Even though it is so strong, it has a polished sheen and is every bit as attractive as white gold or platinum.

The properties of the titanium metal are hypoallergenic so this makes it a good choice especially for the man whose skin is sensitive to metals. The titanium metal will not tarnish over time and will not be affected by oxidation and change color besides not causing any negative reactions when in contact with skin.

The titanium alloy has two distinct grades which are commercially pure or chemically pure. Wedding bands made of titanium are the CP or commercially pure grade of metal. The grades for the metal run from 1 to 4 with 4 being the hardest grade and 1 being the softest grade of metal. The grade of the metal depends on the amount of oxygen that is added.

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