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The Travails Of Bearing Acne Scars On The Face

The effect of dealing with acne can affect an individual’s state of mind. A number of us have not been spared from a case of acne in our youth. We put up with the pimples and were forced to accept the inevitable scarring the reddish pustules left behind.

Grime and sebum can block skin pores, producing a habitat friendly to bacteria. The bacteria , in turn, cause pimples.

Once we get over the zits, we have to deal with the scars. Although there are acne scars that fade with time, some scars do not. Living with these scars on our own faces can be a very traumatic experience.

Acne scarrings have 4 primary types. Rolling scars are hollows with a broad, shallow depth. Ice pick scars resemble pits on the skin’s surface. The raised-surface variety could either be a keloidal or hypertrophic scar. Acne scars found on the sides of the head or the cheeks are called boxcar scars, and they could be mistaken for scars left over from chickenpox.

Academic researches state that facial scars caused by acne can largely affect someone’s sense of self-worth, and that person may be more likely to experience depression.

Nonetheless, it is not yet time to lose hope. Day after day, technological innovations in the treatment of skin imperfections are being developed and discovered. For example, there are laser treatments, creams, dermabrasion procedures, and injections that are currently being developed to treat skin imperfections. Get in touch your doctor and discuss the most applicable procedure for you.

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