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The Therapeutic effects of Shea Butter hand cream

Humans as a species evolved in Africa and it only makes sense that many of the plants and other unique substances beneficial to our species will be found in Africa. The Shea Karite tree, indigenous to the sub-tropical and tropical Savannah regions of West Africa produces a seed. From this seed Shea butter is sourced, a favorite of many high end hand and body lotion products.

Known for its moisturizing properties and as a salve, it is even used extensively in the food industry because of its unique nutty flavor. The chocolate industry is one food industry that uses the product extensively. As a hand and body lotion the fatty acid easily melts at body temperature and is easily absorbed through the pores leaving no oily or greasy film to speak off. Because of its yellowish to ivory color it also tones the skin evenly leaving a smooth velvety finished effect that is irresistible to the touch.

If the smell of nuts is not your speed then the butter can be heated to a liquid state filtered through clay and scented with a variety of scents. You can take your pick or even add your own combination and still get the nourishing, moisturizing, protecting and therapeutic effects of this natural and essential fatty acid rich in vitamin A and E.

Depending on your particular needs this fatty acid substance can fulfill variety of different roles. It can be simply used as a moisturizer for the skin that leaves a well protected and evenly toned skin when used regularly. It however is also reputed for its therapeutic properties. It can be used to help with skin complaints like eczema, burns, and rashes and can, with regular use help scars to fade as it is packed with vitamins A and the antioxidant E. It can also be used on oily skin and is a natural protective barrier against the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Used by itself it can also be used as a combination product with similar other ingredients. Whether it is olive oil, rapeseed oil or avocado oil, all with their individual therapeutic effects Shea butter is used in many high end cosmetic and therapeutic products for its beneficial, protective and reputed healing properties.

Whether it would be a cold, windy day that dries out one’s skin leaving exposed areas like the hands chapped and sore; or a hot day on the beach where the emphases is on protection against the harsh sun’s ultra violet rays. Shea butter can offer a moisturizing, therapeutic, deeply penetrating effect that heals the skin and leaves a highly effective barrier against an often harsh and damaging environment.

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