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The Simple Instruction About Projector Replacement Lamp

Projector can be a great investment, specifically for those who want to enjoy watching movie on the big screen without being disturbed by the crowds just like when watching movie on the cinema. Also, projector can be extremely helpful for teachers every time they require a big screen to explain their materials in front of the class.

When you have a projector, there will be certain times when you need to change the lamp of your projector. If the projector lamp can not work, you will find that the whole machines do not work as well. Therefore, you need to change the lamp for the light to work again. However, since projectors have various kinds of lamp, you should determine the correct type of projector replacement lamp.

The home theater and business projectors are usually using a high-powered lamp for illuminating and projecting the picture on to the screen. The lamp comes with a limited lifespan which is measured in the usage hours. A projector lamp generally will last around 3,000 hours before you have to replace it. When you run the projector non-stop, you will hit that number fairly quickly. Luckily, almost projectors are designed with the simple replacement so that you can easily change the lamp by yourself. At this time, this article is going to deliver some good info about the instructions of projector lamp replacement. So, you can just explore the info below.

The first thing that you should do is to turn off your projector. Then, you need to wait a full minute so that you can unplug the projector. After that, you must let it cool for at least an hour before you begin the lamp replacement. You must place towel on the flat surface. Now, you can flip the projector over and place its top gently on the towel.

The second thing is to loosen the screw of lamp cover by utilizing screwdriver. The screw can possibly be loosened, but it is not removed. However, this can be different in some projectors. Then, you can eliminate the cover of the lamp and loosen the two lamp module screws. They can also be loosened, but not removed.

The third thing you must do is to remove your old lamp module. It can be done by pulling on its handle or grip. After that, begin inserting the new lamp module. This can easily slide into the socket. Now, you can tighten up the screws of the two lamp modules.

The fourth thing is to reattach the cover of the lamp and tighten the screw. Then, you must flip over the projector. You must plug it into the surge protector that plugged into the working electrical outlet. You have to make sure that the projector is perfectly ventilated. Finally, you can turn the projector on and use the menu to reset the lamp hours to zero.

As one of the best options to take into consideration, the Epson Projector Replacement Lamp is a great choice to take into account. The genuine Epson ELPLP41 projector lamp is made as the replacement projector bulb for the PowerLite 77c Projector. This projector lamp can give you wonderful display for your requirements.

By checking out the information about projector lamp, you will get more information on changing projector lamp. Also, this will offer you more complete information about Sanyo projector lamp that you need for your projector.