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The Secret of Mac Makeup and Stores

I am a Mac Makeup addict and there is no denying it.  I find it utterly irresistible when I see their stores in malls.  I just have to go inside and once I am inside and take a look at their products, I just have to buy.  I am not a professional makeup artist but considering my vast makeup collection, I am pretty sure that one look at my makeup kit and you would think that I am a pro.  The thing is, can you blame me for loving Mac so much?  Once you have tried Mac cosmetics, I am pretty sure that you would not want to use any other brand and I have very good reasons for that.

First, Mac has a wide array of colors for all their makeup, from foundation to eye shadow and lipstick.  Whatever your skin tone, you will surely find the color that would blend perfectly well with your skin.  Second, with Mac, the color that you see in the palette is the color that will appear in your eyes once you apply it.  That trait is very rare in makeup.  Most of the time, the color that you see can be deceiving.  It will look different in your eyes.  Third, Mac makeup is long lasting.  You can apply it in the morning and you will discover that there is very little need to retouch during the rest of the day.

It is the Christmas season which means that people will be flocking the malls to go shopping.  I personally hate having to deal with so many people at one time. Hence, I have discovered the secret of Mac Makeup and Stores.  Instead of going to their actual stores in malls, why not just visit their website and shop online?  It is much more convenient since you can shop right at your own home.  The stock is not limited unlike actual stores where there is only a certain number of inventory and did I mention that you do not have to shop with about a thousand people around you?

Another Secret of Mac Makeup and stores is that they sometimes offer special internet price.  You can get the same quality of makeup for a couple of dollars less.  That is not a bad deal at all.  Why bother going to the mall when their web store has it all?