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The Role Of Appendix Throughout The Evolving World Of Homo Sapiens

Homo sapiens are always evolving even as we speak. You don’t feel it happening but rest assured it is an ongoing process. We all still have an appendix even though we don’t need it to survive. There was a time, however, when it served a purpose to our bodies.

Way back when we were hunters-gatherers we would eat anything that we could find and were constantly on the go. We ate a very wide variety of vegetation that we no longer would even think of eating today and haven’t for thousands of years.

Back in those days the appendix was probably an organ the size of a stomach and functioned according to the diets of the day. Over the thousands of years that have passed with it being used less and less its size and function have decreased to non-use.

We are the only ones that have an appendix and do not have a use for it. On the other side of the coin there are animals like the koala bear that don’t eat meat but still use their appendix.

Koala bears eat only leaves and plants and use their appendix to break down the chemical makeup of those items. If humans ate more vegetables maybe we would develop a need for an appendix again. It would take thousands of years however for us to evolve back to where we would be able to use our appendix.

Just because we don’t use our appendix anymore doesn’t mean that it’s just going to disappear. It is only one of the things that we have in our body we no longer have a use for due to evolution.

The appendix has absolutely no use to us at all anymore. There are actually many people that have their appendix removed for one reason or another and go on to lead very happy and healthy lives.

Maybe one day we won’t have an appendix at all and it will just be a memory.

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