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The Quality of Akoya Pearl

An Akoya pearl is considered as one of the most popular types of pearls of today which is basically grown and harvested through akoya oysters. Japan and China are so far the major and leading producers of Akoya pearls. Most of the time, an Akoya pearl has the highest level of luster making it as one of the most highly valued of all pearls.

But then, there are four other basic factors that also need to be considered in order to define the pearl’s quality. These certain qualities include color, size, surface, and shape of the pearl.

Cultured, as well as natural pearls appear in various colors like champagne, silver, cream, white, black, blue, green, gold, and a whole lot more. Pearls usually have overtones that appear to be very evident from the pearl’s basic color. Generally, Akoya pearls come in cream or white colors with an overtone of rose, cream, or silver. The pearls color is its distinct factor that helps a person determines the type of pearl which is appropriate of wearing.

Size directly affects the quality of the pearl. Obviously, a larger pearl clearly suggests a much higher price. The size of the pearl is determined by measuring its diameter in terms of millimeters. Akoya pearls however, tend to be small as they are grown from the smallest pearl-producing oyster of today. The average size of Akoya pearls range from 6-8 millimeters which is relatively smaller compared to freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls. But then, most of the pearls that are being marketed today fall in the range of Akoya pearls.

It is also through the smoothness of the pearl’s surface that its quality is clearly stated. A pearl with a smooth surface usually has no bumps, discolorations, and spots. The main advantage of Akoya pearls is that they are most of the time shiny and reflective which in turn provides them with a high quality.

Pearls in baroque shapes are the ones that appear as abstract and asymmetrical. However, the rarest shape of pearls is the perfect round shape and is often very expensive. The Akoya pearl is that one kind of pearl that often come out an round or near-round shapes. These basic facts clearly define an Akoya pearl as one of the highest quality of pearls. Today, Akoya pearls are the most sought after of pearls and are perfect when made into sets of jewelries. You can enjoy the best Akoya pearls you can have online.

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