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The Qualities Of A Superb Wrinkle Cream

Skin wrinkles are not formed automatically and a plethora of factors contribute to their formation. While our skin gets wrinkles with the advent of old age, many other factors are also involved in early formation of wrinkles. People who are averse to drinking enough quantities of water, those who are always exposed to sunlight without adequate protection, persons who eat uncontrollably, smokers, those under continuous emotional stress etc contract skin wrinkles before they are due. Therefore, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and continuously use a good wrinkle cream to keep wrinkles at bay.

Wrinkle creams available these days differ in their contents and efficiency. Therefore, you need to examine different creams before settling for one. For a wrinkle cream to be optimally effective, it should customarily contain defoliating agents, antioxidants, sunscreen and skin growth stimulants. Many creams contain retinal and tretinoin, which are composed of vitamin A and are great antioxidants. Unfortunately, pregnant ladies should keep away from products containing these since they can cause birth defects. Likewise, hydroxy acids, which is another major ingredient in many creams, removes dead skin and stimulates skin growth, but may expose the delicate skin to the risk of damage from sunlight.

Coenzyme Q10 is a common ingredient that is proved to be good at removing wrinkles around the eyes and also as a preventive shield against ultraviolet rays. Kinetin, which smoothens out skin wrinkles without much side-effects, copper peptides that helps skin wounds to heal quickly and tea extracts that works as an anti-inflammation agent and antioxidant are found in most wrinkle creams.

But no wrinkle cream can save you if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, smokes or fail to protect your skin from sun while going out. These are the major factors that contribute towards the early advent of skin wrinkles.

The need of the hour is to select a good wrinkle cream that is compatible with your skin type in order to keep your skin silky smooth and supple. Never use any product without reading the instructions given on the container. Additionally, you need to stop using a product and approach a dermatologist in case you find it not worthwhile or harmful.

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