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The Lavender Plant Serves Seemingly Endless Purposes

The benefits of lavender in its many properties are almost endless. It can be applied in a variety of forms and for a variety of purposes. The medical application of lavender essential oils and scents has been well documented throughout history.

Up to today it is still used for its soothing and sedative effects to cure insomnia and anxiety. It is also great for digestive problems and for treating scraps and wounds. Because of the wide range of applications how it is prepared is just as important as anything when it comes to using lavender based products.

How the lavender is applied depends on the purpose and for the wide range of purposes it serves, the lavender ingredient comes in many forms. The oil is used to be massaged onto the skin while the vapors are used as a scent and is known to calm hospital patients. Hospitals in Britain are known to offer lavender pillows to their patients. Here in America we love the lavender body washes, shower gels and other bath products.

The lavender itself is only used sparingly because of its potency. The oil needs to be diluted with water or some other oil to make it useable. Common mixtures include olive oil, jojoba, avocado or grape seed oils. When prepared properly and in conservative amounts lavender is safe for anyone.

When it needs to be stored, lavender takes a few particularities to the environment in which it is kept. The plant itself remains effective long after the flower has been dried. The oil and the dried flower should be stored in a glass container and ideally in darkness. It really just needs to be out of direct sunlight or heat.

The uses for the lavender plant and the oils are almost endless. When used properly, such as a natural body wash, it is great for its calming, soothing effects as well as the antiseptic properties making it a perfect home remedy to a number of problems.

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