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The Individualism Of Emo Hairstyles – How To Style

Emo hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles on the street at the moment with the younger generation. They are individually styled and coloured to the wearer and are not one of the most formal hairstyles that you could choose, so if you want to stand out in the street ? Go Emo!

Emo hairstyles are over taking the fashion for formal hairstyles as they can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on how the mood suits you. There is no hard and fast rule as to what an Emo hairstyle looks like, you are not restricted in anyway, either by cut or colour. The Emo is adopted by indie kids, goths and punk rockers alike, any group that don?t want to conform to formal hairstyles. The same style can be warn more conventional during work hours and played around with on a night.

You can have the Emo look whether you have long or short hair, it is simply away of expressing yourself, creating a unique look and make you popular amongst your friends.

How to Style Emo

It?s always best to start styling your hair when it is clean and product free, so that you can get the right look first time. This makes the style easier to manage, softer and more reciprocal to the products that you will be using. If you have coloured or dyed your hair to complement your Emo look then it is always better to use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. This will make the colour last much longer and help the hair stay in good condition. Any colour protecting product will help, although they are designed for formal hairstyles and colours they work just as well on Emo cuts.

Once you have clean hair you need to select the correct products. The beauty of an Emo hairstyle is that you can use the same products that you used on your formal hairstyles that you had before you changed your look. As most Emo styles are choppy, so a quality hair gel and hairspray are always good to have at hand.

If you have an Emo style that is choppy and asymmetrical then it is great to play around with backcombing sections and smoothing other sections down, this gives a really unique look, so different from all the boring and normal formal hairstyles out there on the market. If you want more bounce, volume and body to your hair why not use a hairdryer and blow your hair dry, using hairspray as you go to ensure that it stays where you want it. You can always be extra daring when you have styles your hair, you can use a sheen spay which will make your hair really shiny and also brighten any colour that you have also added, great for that night out!

Now that you know how to style your hair and get that look that you want, make sure you can maintain the cool look that you have tried so hard to achieve. Spray with an extra firm hold hairspray and enjoy what you have created.

Remember, escape from the boredom of formal hairstyles and go Emo today. Individually always gets you noticed.

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